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Episode 70 - Scott Belsky

Author of "The Messy Middle" and CPO of Adobe

Scott Belsky

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Scott Belsky is CPO of Adobe, founder of Behance, and author of "The Messy Middle" and he knows exactly why successful leaders don't want you to look to close. It's because, as successful as they are, they don't want you to see the messy middle. Deep down inside every leaders wants to be seen as that smart guy that didn't struggle and easily navigated around life's challenges, and they'd rather not focus on the stuff they aren't proud of.


But every leader's journey to success is more than an inspired beginning and a victorious ending – most of the journey was a complete mess and disaster filled with pain and frustration. When leaders only focus on the 1% of the journey however, folks are confused and frustrated. This is why he wrote his book. And this lack of discussion about the mess is hurting entrepreneurs.


Belsky says the greatest entrepreneurs recognize the value of the volatility and that they're not their greatest selves at the lows or highs. It's good to recognize the lows and learn from them, just like the eyes. He admits the big breakthroughs may simply be the companies who hung on long enough and were stubborn.


He also discusses why empathy is more important than passion, but why is empathy so rare? Because it's hard. It can't be scaled and you have to spend the time, therefore most leaders fall into the trap of scalability.


Another thing Belsky goes into about why adding complexity and building on projects can actually hurt you and removal is key to success.


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Scott Belsky
Scott Belsky