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Episode 26 - Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke is founder of Lead Above Noise November 30th. 2016

Rachel Cooke

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Rachel Cooke is the founder of Lead Above Noise and is laser focused on making work, work better. She shared her 5 step process her clients go through. It's called Super Candor. Super Candor is a way to crush fear in the workplace, encourage better more creative ideas.


Step 1: Make Your Case. It's imperative you are clear, direct and honest with everyone.

Step 2: Extend A Genuine Invitation. How to ask for genuine feedback and guard against fake feedback.

Step 3: Role Model. Make sure you are demonstrating ideas. As simple as this sounds, it's often overlooked.

Step 4: Recognize and Award Behavior. Do NOT reward outcome, reward behavior.

Step 5: Close the Loop. Make sure you are acknowledging ideas no matter what the outcome.


Rachel Cooke
Rachel Cooke