with Justin Brady

Kevin Lund

Author of 'Conversation Marketing' & CEO of T3 Custom

Justin Brady interviews today's most engaging and thought provoking leaders on what truly inspires a creative culture!



Show Notes

72 - Kevin Lund is Author of 'Conversation Marketing' & Knows How to Engage Customers

71 - Nick Starling is a former Army Ranger, counter-assassin, and founded Skyscraper Farm

70 - Scott Belsky is CPO of Adobe and author of "The Messy Middle"

69 - Khe Hy left his high-profile job and now is contributing editor at Quartz.

68 - Dave Birss is author of "How To Get To Great Ideas" And Sucks At Drawing

67 - Nate Regier is author of "Conflict Without Casualties"

66 - Brett Podolsky co-founded The Farmer's Dog, a meal kit dog food service.

65 - Martyn R. Lewis knows how customers buy and the process that stops them.

64 - Nathan Forster is co-founder of NEO U, "The Amazon of Fitness"

63 - John Assaraf is a world renown behavior expert and NYT Best selling author

62 - Ken Kocienda invented the iPhone keyboard and Autocorrect At Apple

61 - Amy Radin, former Fortune 100 CMO& CIO wrote "The Change Makers Playbook"

60 - Erica Keswin is author of "Bring Your Human To Work"

59 - Olga Pancenko is COO of World Renown Perrin Paris

58 - Melinda Emerson is Author of "Fix Your Business"

57 - Courtney Reum co-founded M13 and is author of "Shortcut Your Startup"

56 - Story Simon is the former President of and is a Cannabis Advocate

55 - Andy Molinsky is author of reach and knows why it's hard to get our of your comfort zone

54 - Cortney McDermott is a former Vanity Fair exec, and author of Change Starts Within You

53 - Les Trachtman is an MIT Lecturer and HBR Contributor. He explains why CEOs mess up.

52 - Tim Bennett & John Nash are hosts of "The Focus Group" and explain how to move on.

51 - Shiv Khera is the founder of Qualified Learning Systems USA.

50 - Darryl Ballantyne is co-founder of LyricFind, you might unknowingly use it.

49 - Dr. Jody J. Foster knows how to deal with the office Schmuck (are you one?)

48 - Jeff Goins is a Washington Post best-selling author and online marketing pro.

47 - Nate Quigley is the CEO of Chatbooks!

46 - Daniel Pink is a three-time NYT Best-selling author of "Drive" and others.

45 - Peter Sims wrote NYT Best-selling book "Little Bets".

44 - Sarah Green Carmichael is senior editor of The Harvard Business Review.

43 - Ryan Smith is CEO of Qualtrics valued at 2.5 Billion Dollars.

42 - Dr. Anthony Paustian is a college maker and walks with astronauts.

41 - Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon, Founder of Aquarius HR LTD.

40 - Justin Brady talks about the creative plague and killing off the creative label.

39 - Adam Carroll, Money Savvy Founder and Viral Video Star

38 - Eric Haller, EVP of Experian DataLabs

37 - Soon Yu & Justin talk dark failure

36 - Warren Berger, Author / Speaker knows how to ask the right question.

35 - Blake Irving, CEO at GoDaddy opens up about fearlessness

34 - Liz Ryan, CEO of The Human Workplace talks about why HR is broken

33 - Barry McGeough, VP of PVH Innovation Next

32 - Arne Boberg, before 3M, invented a new hand gun design

31 - Michael Ferrari, Founder of SmartyPig

30 - Dave Birss, Founder of Open For Ideas

29 - Ivan Cash, International Artist

28 - 2016 Recap w/ Justin Brady

27 - Tomas DeLuna, Lead Design at HARMAN

26 - Rachel Cooke

25 - Lou Prosperi, Author

24 - Danielle Atkins, VP of Brand @ Kodak

23 - Dan Ariely (Part 2), NYT Best-selling author

22 - Dan Ariely (Part 1), NYT Best-selling author

21 - Jason Kiesau, Author of "Focused"

20 - Courtney Klein co-founder of SeedSpot

19 - Tom Gray, Founder of Make 48

18 - Neetan Chopra, VP at Emirates

17 - Doug Powell, Design at IBM

16 - Shawn Lee, Recording Artist

15 - Dr. Herbert Bresler w/ Battelle

14 - Steve Farber Author of "Greater Than Yourself"

13 - Dr. Robert Greenberg CEO of Second Sight

12 - Jaime Casap, Education Chief @ Google

11 - Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork

10 - Dan Janal, Owner of PR Leads

09 - Lynn Robinson, Author

08 - Frank Eliason, Founder of Brain Trust Partners

07 - Rajeev Behera, CEO of Reflektive

06 - Avi Steinlauf, CEO of
05 - Will Burns, Founder of Ideasicle

04 - Matthew E. May, Best-selling author

03 - Soon Yu, Innovation VP at VF Corp.
02 - Jessica Kriegel w/ Oracle

01 - David Burkus, Best-selling author