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Episode 59 - Olga Pancenko

COO of Perrin Paris

Olga Pancenko

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Olga Pancenko is the Chief Operating Officer at the renowned PERRIN PARIS, famously worn by Fergie, Beyonce and Jane Fonda, and has advised Fortune 500 companies on their communications and marketing strategy since the age of 25.


She previously served on the strategy team at the most reputable British PR firm Freuds (owned by Matthew Freud, grand-grandson of Sigmund Freud). There, her portfolio of clients included industry giants, such as: Google, PepsiCo, BMW, Walmart Group, Burberry, and many more.


We discuss her belief that there are different levels of creativity - it is not because you are in a “creative job” that you are creative. She believes creative thought is best “provoked” by a collision of discomfort and a lack of resources. It rarely grows in a perfect environment and is often blooming around conflict, disagreement and hardship. That is why people need to learn about creativity, the benefits of it and the way to stimulate others to be creative.


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Olga Pancenko
Olga Pancenko