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Episode 41 - Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon

Founder, Aquarius HR Ltd. April 26th. 2017

Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon

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Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon is a creative HR specialist and an activist for putting the "human" before the "resources." An unconventional path: She dodged becoming a lawyer, experienced a creativity-numbing short career in retail banking and financial sales, made a lucky escape into specialist recruitment and found her HR home by accident.


Her quest is to help organizations and HR pros transform from blah to cooking with gas with a creativity-fueled thinking and action. Nicole spills the beans about her own entrepreneur adventures and Creative HR journey discoveries in her blog The HR Rabbit Hole.


She contributes to the creativity in business conversation by writing articles for folks like Open for Ideas, Alive with Ideas and Forj(m) blog.


Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon
Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon