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Episode 67 - Nate Regier, PhD

Author of "Conflict Without Casualties"

Ken Kocienda

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Nate Regier knows how to take conflict, which can derail positive discussions and turn it into positive energy. Disagreements, tension and varying strong opinions, if dealt with properly can drive discussion forward.


Regier discussed two main paths to handling conflict. One path is beneficial, and one leads to chaos. The path of drama is where the trouble comes from, but the path of compassion is where we struggle with, not against each other. The overall question in choosing these two paths is, do we want to use the energy to struggle against people, or struggle with people? It's easy to miss, but critical to acknowledge.


In order to correctly guide conflict, Regier reviewed various leadership styles that hinder or help the proper conflict process. Great leaders become astutely aware of various roles they play in the conflict struggle and there are three skills they need to ensure proper handling of the situation.


The first is openness, which is about the courage to be who we are. The second is resourcefulness, which is where creative problem solving comes into play to engage the curiosity of others. And the third is persistence, which is more the body of who we are, it's about follow through and living up to what we said we would do.


Make sure to listen to the full interview, where Reiger goes into the formula for compassionate conflict.


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Ken Kocienda
Ken Kocienda