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Episode 69 - Keh Hy

Contributing Editor of Quartz and Creator of FWD: Thinking

Khe Hy

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Khe Hy was a 31 year old high-profile Wall Street guy at Black Rock making a lot of money, but he was miserable so he did a complete career re-start. He said he was terrified to lose his identity, but set out to find something that made him happy. Today he is the contributing editor of Quartz, The "Oprah for millennials" according to CNN and is announcing today a brand new podcast on my show!


Hy started Rad Reads and Rad Awakenings which gained a massive following and then he became Quartz first entrepreneur in residence where he learned how to write and edit at a fast pace. Eventually he was given the opportunity to build Quartz at Work and they built a team of editors to grow it. As a result of his massive platform, Hy has been approached by people who are also trying to make transitions and he told me they all make the same mistake.


Much of his career has been experimenting with projects and seeing where the go and through this he has a big revelation for those looking to make a change. There is no obvious sign you should switch to a new career. You have to pay attention to the subtle hints of your every day experiences. Most believe some Newtonian moment will happen when they have a sudden realization of what they should do next. Instead it's about understanding what puts fire in your belly and going after it, leaving opportunities that may be just as good.


Hy also tells us HOW to transition. Should we dip our toe in or just make the jump?


Hy's newest project and podcast, FWD: Thinking starts today! The podcast will feature professionals that have challenged the status quo and have started new projects, making the seemingly dangerous cross-over. How did they do it? Why and what can you learn?


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Khe Hy
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