with Justin Brady

Episode 15 - Dr. Herbert Bresler

Lead w/ Battelle's Neurolife Project  September 14th. 2016

Dr. Herbert Bresler

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In this episode, we interview Dr. Herbert Bresler, the guy in charge of Battelle’s Neurolife Project. Neurolife has made it possible for quadriplegics to regain the movement using their own limbs. Their technology basically “reads” the brain waves and re-introduce that brain data into the arm via a specially designed sleeve that stimulates muscles!


As you can imagine he has some insights on what it takes to be innovative and wildly creative. He also knows how to balance failure and experimentation without risking human life.


  • To learn more about the Neurolife Project go here.
  • To get in touch with Dr. Bresler on LinkedIn go here.
Dr. Herbert Bresler
Dr. Herbert Bresler