with Justin Brady

Episode 38 - Eric Haller

EVP of Experian DataLabs Apr 5th. 2017

Eric Haller, EVP Experian DataLabs

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Eric Haller is EVP of Experian DataLabs and took the department from concept into what it is today. Experian DataLabs employs top talent, PhD's, scientists, and a bunch of other smarties to find new trends, solve big problems and uncover opportunities.


Eric goes over BigData, some exciting projects they are working on and divulges how he almost lost all his employees! Plus, in a first, he breaks news exclusively on our podcast about technology Experian is creating that will analyze social media postings, ratings and check-ins that may affect a companies credit rating and ability to get business loans! Crazy!


Eric Haller, EVP Experian DataLabs
Eric Haller, EVP Experian DataLabs