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Episode 42 - Anthony Paustian

Author of "A Quarter Million Steps" & College-Maker May 5th. 2017

Dr. Anthony Paustian

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Not everyone can say they made a college from scratch, but Dr. Anthony Paustian can. A former Air Force pilot and VP, he created the West campus of DMACC which hosted ciWeek featuring speakers like Grant Imahara, Thomas Dolby, Steve Wozniak, LeVar Burton, Dr. Hugh Herr, Howard Berger, Daymond John, Kari Byron, who just so happened to endorse his new book, A Quarter Million Steps.


Drawing inspiration from the epic story of the Apollo Moon Program, collected research, and his own life experiences, Dr. Anthony Paustian outlines the many small steps it takes to create success in life. He uses the imagery and innovation of the Apollo Program’s achievement as a metaphoric call to action. With the practical tools described in this imaginative, easy-to-read book, Dr. Paustian teaches the principles of creative expression, imagineering, strong leadership, focus, a solid work ethic, and also talks about the college he made from scratch was a complete disaster... at first.


  • Get a copy of A Quarter Million Steps signed by Dr. Paustian & Alfred Merrill "Al" Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut
  • Read lessons on how to focus... from a dog here.
  • Go to Dr. Anthony Paustian's website.
Dr. Anthony Paustian
Dr. Anthony Paustian