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Episode 68 - Dave Birss

Author of "How To Get To Great Ideas" and bad illustrator.

Dave Birss

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Dave Briss wrote a new book How To Get To Great Ideas, but most importantly you need to know what freebies you can get for ordering it. In the podcast, he describes how to qualify for his homemade jam, coming to your house with a bottle of wine and him making homemade lasagna, a bad drawing of yourself or a defaced copy of a Moby album.


It's always fun to talk to Birss and this podcast is no different. We discuss four major themes, creativity itself and how idiotic the label is, why creativity needs a good system in place, how individuals can be more creative, and how businesses can be more creative.


Only 6% of CEOs of companies are happy with their companies innovation, but that's because they are looking for the wrong ideas in the wrong places. Creativity is sticky businesses because everyone wants creative ideas like the iPhone, but no one really wants to endure the messy process that gets a team to that point. This is the biggest problem.


The best companies understand that creative ideas come from every single person in the company. The stagnant companies divide their companies into classes with the belief the best ideas only come from specific departments or individuals. We discuss symptoms of this thinking and how it's brand suicide to think this way.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Creative output or ability is basically on a sliding scale from non-obvious to obvious, and it's art related. When we truly understand creative output, it's obvious everyone is and can be creative.
  • Some people are great at creative thinking, whereas others are great at creative execution.
  • The most effective way to harness creativity in a corporate setting is to do it RIGHT. Research, Insight, Generate, Hone and Test.


Learn More About Dave Birss


Dave Birss is an author who is involved in seven books this year. Three of these have already been best-sellers. The first of these was Iconic Advantage, which he co-wrote with Soon Yu. His next book, How To Get To Great Ideas, is due out in November. He’s currently asking people to pre-order it on the 18th and 19th of October to help make a dent in Amazon’s charts. And he’s incentivising people to do that with gifts as ridiculous as home-made jam and coming to your house to cook you lasagne. He’s currently offering people bad portraits to people who help him spread the word about his new book.


As well as being an author, he’s also an international keynote speaker, a consultant and a film-maker. He previously worked as an advertising creative director for some of London’s top advertising agencies. And his list of other jobs is just too ridiculous to list here.



Dave Birss
Dave Birss