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Episode 24 - Danielle Atkins

Danielle Atkins, VP of Brand & Creative at Kodak November 16th. 2016

Danielle Atkins

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Danielle Atkins is the VP of Brand & Creative for Kodak. Personally, I wasn't aware of all crazy things Kodak was up to until my preparation for this podcast. They are involved in new printing processes, inks, printable circuit boards and even a new digital camera focused smart phone called the Ektra.


Danielle discusses how they are tapping into our love of craft and artisan process. We all have that love of craft beer, gin, vinyl records and of course real film. Kodak has figured out a clever way to add the convenience of digital with the experience of real film. (Side Note: Did you know Kodak invented the digital camera?)


Danielle and I dug into how creative leaders aren't necessarily responsible for wowing others with our creativity, but exposing the creativity in our team. She also says how exactly to do that, or, how to "unearth gems." We also discussed how a certain author had 5000 unique book covers made possible by Kodak tech. (what?)


  • Connect with Danielle on Twitter. @DanyCornwall
  • Or connect with something visual on Instagram @Kodak


Special thanks to James Bogue (@houseofbogue on Twitter) for connecting me to Danielle!

Danielle Atkins
Danielle Atkins