with Justin Brady

Episode 22 - Dan Ariely (PT 1)

Dan Ariely is a NYT Best Selling Author &... November 2nd. 2016

Dan Ariely

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Dan Ariely? I was totally star struck. Dan is the James B Duke Professor of behavioral Economics at Duke University and has made the NYT Best seller list multiple times. He discussed his work on why we are so irrational, his new TED book called "Payoff" and digs into the data and research on just how important trust is to spur super star creativity.


He  discusses how the crushing regulations on physicians, and how they are killing their life saving potential, turning them into cogs with no critical thinking potential AND how legal contracts might actually hurt your creativity and productivity. Why are we so irrational? How does it kill our good will and how can we fix it?


Also, how we decrease the value of our own relationships?



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Dan Ariely
Dan Ariely