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Episode 23 - Dan Ariely (PT 2)

Dan Ariely is a NYT Best Selling Author &... November 9th. 2016

Dan Ariely

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For those that just discovered the podcast, this is Part 2 with Dan Ariely. Part 1 is here. Dan is the James B Duke Professor of behavioral Economics at Duke University and has made the NYT Best seller list multiple times.


This week we discuss how to celebrate failure without celebrating stupidity, how to remove the correct restraints for exploration and we also discuss how to tell someone they're wrong, without destroying their autonomy, motivation and creativity. I ask about Dan's biggest failure, and current struggle. Plus, we find out why Dan flew across the country to officiate the wedding of a complete stranger and how he randomly got tickets to the World Cub in Brazil.



Check out Part 1 of Dan's Podcast.

Dan Ariely
Dan Ariely