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Episode 20 - Courtney Klein

Co-Founder of Seed Spot  October 19th. 2016

Courtney Klein

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Courtney Klein is Co-Founder and CEO of Seed Spot a startup incubator / accelerator focused on positive social change. Companies that apply to be in Seed Spot must focus on a product, service or technology that improves lives. Since starting in Phoenix 4 years ago, they have created tremendous impact:


+ 288 ventures supported

+ 82% still in business

+ 49% are female founded

+ 45% are minority founded

+ 8.4M in capital raised

+ 742 new jobs


With the support of the Kauffman Foundation, Seed Spot is expanding to new cities that believe in supporting their entrepreneurship community. Listen to the show! Courtney dives into the creative ideas changing our world and even has some advice for students too!


Courtney Klein
Courtney Klein