with Justin Brady

Episode 35 - Blake Irving

CEO of GoDaddy. Mar 15th. 2017

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Blake Irving is the CEO and Board Director of GoDaddy. Under Blake's direction, the company has sharpened its focus on helping the world’s 200 million small, independent ventures to grow and thrive online.


Previously he was EVP and Chief Product Officer at Yahoo!, and spent 15 years at Microsoft in various senior roles, most recently as head of the Windows Live Platform. Blake also created and grew MSN Messenger into the world’s most successful instant messaging platform with more than 70% global share.


It all began with his career at Xerox in 1981 during the heyday of PARC labs and he has since been at the forefront of innovation, having played a hand in numerous products and services that are now staples of the Internet.


In this episode Blake discusses how important it is to be fearless in your company and also how he screwed up big time in front of Bill Gates!


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Oh, and FYI, GoDaddy is hiring brilliant minds right now!