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Episode 32 - Arne Boberg

Design Engineer at 3M & inventor of historic Boberg XR9 handgun. Feb 22nd. 2017

Arne Boboerg

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Arne Boberg is an award-winning design engineering specialist at 3M and also the founder of Boberg Arms, where he invented a new semi-auto handgun, the Boberg XR9-S! With 23 years in manufacturing and machine design, and 10 years in product design, he has a unique perspective on what it takes to make products, break molds and recover from epic failure. He sold his company to Bond Arms in 2016.


  • To see more about the Boberg XR9-S, now called the Bond Arms Bullpup. Go here.
  • To find Arne on LinkedIn. Go here.


As promised, here is an animation of how the gun works.


Arne Boboerg
Arne Boboerg