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Episode 61 - Amy Radin

Author, The Change Makers Playbook

Amy Radin

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We work hard, devise the perfect solution, create the perfect business model and then we find resistance to change, or the organization changes and you’re at the beginning again. Radin explains exactly why this happens and how to overcome.


As a former Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Innovation Officers, advisor, investor and board member, Amy Radin has spent time at American Express, AXA and E*Trade, she has proven strategies over years of trial and experience and a real play-book to tackle innovation and change.


We discussed my own 90/10 rule. When I was an outside consultant 90 percent of my time we solving problems and 10 percent of my time was actually pitching the idea. When I worked in-house however, that equation flipped. She agreed this is an issue and her advice and insight is tailored to leaders who understand that the world is changing in ways that will affect their mission and bottom line and who feel urgency and are passionate about making an impact. Rooted in practice, not just theory, her interview and book is packed with tactics that work.


We discussed her road-map for finding the right ideas and navigating the complexities, uncertainties, and risks of implementing innovation organizes what in reality are the iterative, dynamic, and even messy components of innovation execution into three user-friendly, accessible parts:


SEEKING starts with what it means to discover insights into problems, define the brand’s purpose, and find and define compelling concepts.  It establishes the change maker mindset – the leadership demanded to get from napkin sketch to market success.


SEEDING tackles the skills, tools, and capabilities to validate and refine concepts for market readiness, shape the business model, and determine a viable execution path.

How to we get past seeding?


SCALING focuses on taking great ideas toward the ranks of sustainable businesses, ensuring adaptability through the future forces of change.


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Amy Radin
Amy Radin